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Get smart, get charged, get paid

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We're on a mission to eradicate range anxiety AND charge anxiety for EV users. ChargerBill sockets are smart-as-parrots electric chargepoints - costing about 1/3 the price of a wall box - and they provide more than enough charge for most peoples' daily commute in just a few hours. Plus, if you share your chargepoint with someone else, you get repaid for the energy they use.

What causes range and charge anxiety for EV users?

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Range anxiety is worrying if you'll have enough EV charge to get to your destination, get back from your destination or be able to drive around whilst you're there. Charge anxiety is worrying about the availability of chargepoints. So will there be a chargepoint available at the hotel, will it be working, will I be able to use it, will it be a rip-off price?

If you drive an EV you'll be familiar with this sort of thing when you get to your destination:

  • You need to install an app before you can start charging

  • The 2 hotel chargepoints are broken again

  • The 2 hotel chargepoints are occupied, but not charging, and nobody is planning on moving their vehicles until they leave the hotel/hospital/car park

  • The hotel chargepoints are stuck in the darkest corner of the car park and are not well-lit

  • Your Air BnB host requests you don't charge your vehicle as they have old wiring that trips fuses when an EV is plugged in

  • You go to charge at the petrol station and the charge rate is 10x what you pay at home (75p per kWh at a well known oil giant's EV charging network vs 7.5p per kWh at home)

What actually is a ChargerBill socket?

A ChargerBill socket looks just like a regular outside double socket. But whilst it might look like a regular 13A outdoor socket, it does so much more.







If it's your socket you can be repaid for the energy other people use and you can set pricing and schedules for when the ChargerBill can be shared. There are numerous safety features on board, like  over-heat protection, over-current protection and an industry-standard meter to measure how much electricity it's providing. It's always online, connected by very clever new mobile network technology, so it's ready to start doing it's job without any WtF-WiFi or bloody-Bluetooth setup required.

We also provide an amazing online web-app to control your ChargerBill. Because it's a web-app there's nothing to download so you can be using the ChargerBill network within about 15 seconds of first powering it on!

ChargerBill sockets have been tested extensively to ensure they are safe to use and slow charging can even provide benefits for EV batteries.

Here's a handy list of ChargerBill featues:

1. IP rated to be safe outside

2. Up to 3kW charging rate

3. Over-current protection included

4. Over-heat protection included

5. Free access to the web-app

And here's how they help our customers:


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Image (2)_edited.jpg
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Why we love slow charging

We're not focused on the latest fast-charge fad, we prefer rock-solid slow-charging solutions which help speed up the roll-out of EVs, ebikes, escooters and emotorbikes by making less power available at more places.

As most people only commute an average of 22 miles a day, our up-to-3kWh chargepoint can provide that energy in about 3 hours, so why spend more to charge faster (hint: it just doesn't make any sense). Our units cost around 1/3 of a 7kWh chargepoint so save the cash for something else.

And with slow charging, as well as the widely discussed benefits to battery life, there are also some ongoing financial benefits. For example, Octopus Energy is currently providing its Intelligent EV tariff where you can charge your car for around 7.5p per kWh if you use the slow-charger that comes with your vehicle. No wonder we're such big fans of the pink Octopus ; )

ChargerBill fills a gap in the market

If aliens visited the planet they might struggle to understand how we're planning to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030. The UK government has a target of 300,000 public charging points by then but so far we've only installed 30,000. We've been too focused on installing a small number of fast charging points.

And spending an additional £1,000+ on a "fast" wall-box charger feels just too much, especially after buying the EV in the first place. And actually most drivers just need a slow charge overnight to top up their daily range as the average UK commute is only 22 miles (according to the RAC). 

It's really the end destination points that need filling in now, to enable "charging everywhere". And this requires lower cost chargepoints so they can be installed in residential and commercial properties at a scale simply not possible with existing technology. That's why we created ChargerBill, just for you. Buy one here!

Our Team

Our experienced team of electrical engineers, app designers, and start-up professionals has just one mission: to provide you with super-usable products and software, it's that simple. 


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